SWCC – Exclusive Bottlecaps and More from Mos Atlanta Cantina


Heading to Star Wars Celebration Chicago and looking for some cool swag? Then Mos Atlanta Cantina can hook you up! Super collector and owner of Mos Atlanta Cantina Narayan S. Naik, will be bringing exclusive bottlecaps, bottle openers, stickers, patches and shirts to the event.

Check out the full details below!

Narayan is a huge fan of Jedi Luke Skywalker, Yoda and Boba Fett. In fact his collection focus is heavily fixated on those three characters. To help promote his collection and to give fans something cool, Narayan has teamed up with artist Jorge Baeza, to have his Mos Atlanta Cantina logo featured on patches, stickers, bottlecaps and a bottle opener that will be given out at Star Wars Celebration Chicago.

The real treat comes in the form of a set of bottle caps that celebrates the 20 years of Star Wars Celebration, providing each bottlecap with a logo based on each of the individual Star Wars celebrations held to date. There will be thirteen bottlecaps in all. Mos Atlanta Cantina will also have shirts available with the logo featured prominently on the front.

The set of thirteen bottlecaps will come with a 8×10 double sided glossy vintage styled backer card that can be used for display. They caps are limited to only 75 pieces of each.

Availability will be as follows:

  • Thursday – Backer Card and Celebrations I, II , and III
  • Friday- Celebrations IV, Europe, Japan
  • Saturday- Celebrations V, VI, Europe II
  • Sunday – Celebrations Anaheim, Europe , Orlando, Chicago
  • Monday- leftovers All items still left at the end of each day will be available on subsequent days

As a bonus for completing the full set of bottlecaps at Celebration, you will receive a special Star Wars Celebration 2019 bottlecap with a bottle opener as well!

The best area to find Narayan will be the collecting track room, collecting panels, show floor near the collecting club booths, the archive party, the imperial commissary social and the Star Wars swag crew party.

Good luck in collecting every single item from Mos Atlanta Cantina!



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