YouTube Gaming Celebrates Star Wars Day Highlighting Its Impact on the Platform


The fine folks over at YouTube reached out to us an interesting video and statistics about Star Wars gaming videos on the platform. Most interesting is the love that people still have for Knights of the Old Republic. The game has been going strong for many years now. I have never been all that interested in Knights of the Old Republic for various reasons, but it seems to really resonate with many people.

In any case, check out even more information and the official press release below…

Today, YouTube Gaming released a new video celebrating Star Wars Day and highlighting some of the Star Wars content on the platform.

And these gaming videos aren’t just gameplay,  they also include incredible ways the community has gone above and beyond to bring the Star Wars universe to life, from fan-fiction cinematic masterpieces, to reenactments, to history lessons and deep lore from some of the best in the game.

What started as recognition of the date’s similarity to the infamous “may the force be with you” line, has turned into an international celebration of all things Star Wars and its undeniable influence on pop culture.

Below are Star Wars stats seen across YouTube:

  • The Star Wars gaming community uploads over 1,000 gaming videos related to Star Wars to YouTube — Every. Single. Day
  • Knights of the Old Republic remains one of the top 10 most uploaded Star Wars games on YouTube…almost twenty years after its release
  • Star Wars gaming videos average millions of views a day on YouTube


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