• Introduction to the Starfighter

    An Introduction to the Starfighter Part Two

    In my previous article, we introduced the audience to both the concept and history of the starfighter. From it’s humble beginnings in antiquity, to the latest cutting edge interceptors, starfighters are the leading edge of [...]
  • Han Solo Cast

    Our First Look at the Cast of Han Solo

    We have our first cast photo from the upcoming Han Solo film!  The gang is all here, and boy does Alden Ehrenreich look more like a young Harrison Ford than ever! Cameras are rolling on [...]
  • Saw Gerrera

    The History of Saw Gerrera

    Hello Jedi Masters, Sith Lords, Bounty Hunters, Smugglers and of course how could I forget, Nerf Herders, it is that time again where I attempt to pluck random Star Wars ideas and thoughts out of [...]
  • Starfighter

    An Introduction to the Starfighter

    One of the most iconic images from the Star Wars saga is that of the starfighter. Be it the cold, gray hull of the Imperial TIE Fighters, or the lightning fast X-Wings used by the [...]
Star Wars May 2017 Solicitations
In the Spotlight

Marvel Star Wars May 2017 Solicitations

by Ashley Wilbanks in Comics

Marvel has just released their Star Wars May 2017 Solicitations.  Among the releases is the first issue of the crossover event, Star Wars: The Screaming Citadel, the newest issue of Doctor Aphra, a pelthora of TPBs, [...]

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