This seems to have come straight out of left field. In what amounts to a throw away line in a recent Deadline report about a new Logan’s Run film, the site claims that Simon Kinberg is currently working on a script for a new Star Wars film.

Kinberg, whose Jessica Chastain-fronted X-Men movie comes out in November, is best known for producing Deadpool and Logan. He is currently writing a forthcoming Star Wars movie, having been responsible for creating animated series Star Wars Rebels.

So what could this possibly mean? Is it the long rumored Obi-Wan Kenobi standalone film? Could it be the standalone Boba Fett movie that was abandoned after the firing of Josh Trank? Or could this be something entirely new that we will not learn about for some time? Perhaps he is just working on a script with another writer like Rian Johnson or JJ Abrams…

I guess we will find out eventually, but until then, let us know what new Star Wars film you would like to see in theaters.


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