Roger Christian Talks George Lucas and Building the Original Lightsaber


A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… an up and coming director George Lucas and a ragtag crew set out to make a space fantasy movie to hopefully entertain and make its money back… Well we all know how that turned out. The movie turned out to be the biggest movie in cinema history (at the time), and made household names out of George Lucas and the cast. Since then, fans love to find even the smallest nuggets of new information about the film.

Today, Academy Award Winner Roger Christian sat down with TheGeeknd to talk about working with George Lucas and building iconic props for Star Wars: A New Hope including Luke Skywalker’s famous lightsaber, and his binoculars. The video is close to twenty minutes, but is a great watch for a look back at one of the people that has shaped pop culture in a way that still resonates today.

Star Wars set decorator, Roger Christian, talks about working with George Lucas and building iconic props like the lightsaber, Tusken Raider gaffi stick and Luke Skywalker’s binoculars for the original Star Wars film.


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