Jude Law Talks Working on the Upcoming ‘Skeleton Crew’ Series.


During last night’s episode of The Jimmy Fallon Show, Jude Law appeared to promote his upcoming film Peter Pan & Wendy, but the conversation as you probably have surmised, turned towards Star Wars. Fallon prodded Law about the show, and as you can expect, Law was not allowed to say much, but did give a few tidbits.

Concerning what the show was about, Law offered up:

There are wonderful, as you can imagine, twists and turns and reveals. There are four children, they are between the ages of ten and twelve, they get lost, and they come from a mysterious planet. They get blasted off and lost in the world of “Star Wars.”

Jimmy continued on by asking what it was like being on the set of a Star Wars production:

The thing I underestimated was the experience of acting opposite droids and creatures which, of course, are all there. and so you get tow work with, at times, you know, five, six, seven puppeteers. so, you know, your conversations are like, oh, who does the left arm? okay, you do the left arm. So, do you want to put the left arm, like, here or when you look at me– and it’s a really wierd, different type of acting, but it’s fun. And then, or course, you got to pinch yourself because you’re sat there surrounded by this weird creature and this… and this robot. and you’re doing a really serious scene, like, talking. It’s almost like fantasy camp.

Law went on to explain the joy he had while filming the series:

I can’t believe I get to do this. I’ve been very lucky. I’ve worked with some particularly respectable actors, but I’ve never been star-struck like I was when I met a Jawa. I saw a Jawa walking by, I was like, “Oh, I can’t believe it’s a real Jawa. Oh my gosh!”

About Star Wars: Skeleton Crew:

An unnamed Jedi assists four children that get lost in the galaxy on an adventure. The series was co-created by Jon Watts and Christopher Ford and executive produced by Jon Favreau. Directors for the series include Bryce Dallas Howard and David Lowery. Star Wars: Skeleton Crew stars Jude Law and debuts later this year on Disney+.


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