Ewok Movies Available Digitally!


It’s not that often that I am blindsided by Star Wars news, but this piece of information just sort of came out of left field today. While scrolling through Twitter I happened upon a tweet from Charlotte Errity concerning the Ewok movies. She said she had never seen them, which led me to read through the replies. I honestly thought it would be a list of complaints in the thread, but surprisingly it turned out that people have an affinity for the films (especially if you grew up during that time).

While reading through the thread, one comment stuck out to me. The fact that according to her, the films were now out on digital! I immediately replied asking where, but the reply couldn’t come fast enough so I struck out on my own to find these films.

I first checked Vudu, which is my go to source for digital films, but sadly they didn’t appear in the search results. Next up was iTunes, again no luck. I then thought maybe she was referring to a streaming service like Netflix. Again, no dice. Finally I hit up Amazon, and sure enough both The Ewoks Adventures Battle of Endor and The Ewoks Adventure Caravan of Courage were both available for order.

Unfortunately both movies are only available in SD format though. No HD remaster (here’s hoping Disney+ will provide that option), and no regular HD option. The films are both only $7.99 so that isn’t bad for a couple of Star Wars films that I do not own in any format at all.

It seems as though these came out late last week, as the reviews on the purchasing page at Amazon all start around March 15.

If you are looking for a Star Wars fix until Star Wars Celebration Chicago, then I suggest heading over to Amazon and purchasing both films. At the very least give them a rent for about the same cost as a cup of coffee at Starbucks.

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