The Mos Atlanta Cantina Collection Tour


A few days ago we shared with you information about some awesome Star Wars Celebration Chicago swag that super collector Narayan would be giving out at the upcoming convention. We mentioned that Narayan Naik was a super Star Wars collector, and now you can check out his collection thanks to the hard work of the YouTube channel Star Wars Toys.

Not only are you going to see a great collection, you are going to get some serious inside knowledge about vintage Star Wars collectibles. Narayan focuses on three characters, Jedi Luke, Boba Fett and Yoda. His knowledge of action figures released (especially vintage) for these figures is next to none.

Love customs? Narayan has a slew of customs from model kits to vintage Star Wars figures. You will absolutely love taking a look at his collection. Now keep in mind, this video is a little over an hour long, but it is well worth sitting through just for the knowledge gained by watching.

Check out the Mos Atlanta Cantina collection above!


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