Star Tours Adding New Destinations in 2024!


Another reveal from Star Wars Celebration Europe 2023 was concerning the Star Wars Disney Parks experience. Star Tours has been a staple of Disney Parks since 1987 and the ride has changed a lot since it’s debut. In 2024, it seems that ride will grow even bigger! Disney Parks plans to add new locations for the ride next year!

In 2024, we’re going to add more stories and characters to Star Tours at three of our destinations around the world – Disneyland park in California, Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Florida, and Disneyland Paris in France. Since it debuted at Disneyland in 1987 as the first Star Wars attraction in a Disney park, Star Tours has traveled to new places as this galaxy of stories expanded. We’re looking forward to continuing that tradition next year with all new adventures … but I can’t reveal just where we’re going yet – or those we may meet along the way – because … well … some surprises are best experienced as part of the upcoming Star Wars content also announced this weekend. Here’s hoping C-3PO’s piloting skills have improved!

You can check out the full “Disney Parks: Where Star Tours Comes to Life” panel below or skip ahead to the Star Tours presentation at the 52:51 mark of the video.


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