Oh No! Luke Sky Walker in Prison in Tennessee

Luke Drinking Green Milk

Well it’s not every day that our hero from a galaxy far, far away finds himself in trouble with law. It seems that even Luke Sky Walker can’t escape the long arm of the law, when it comes to violating probation.

Luke Sky Walker, 21, of Johnson City, Tenn., was arrested Thursday on a charge of violating probation according to reports from WJHL-TV. Apparently he was on probation in connection with a felony theft charge (probably coaxium, as the station doesn’t indicate what it was he was stealing).

This isn’t the first time Luke has been in trouble. His past history included being arrested in 2017 on charges of stealing 46 road signs with three “Rebel” conspirators.

Walker and the others were found with the stolen signs in the back seat of a car speeder after a traffic stop in Carter County.

We only hope that the “Force” is with young Sky Walker as he tries to overcome his “Rebellious” lifestyle.


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