New High Republic Reference Book Coming Soon

Star Wars: The High Republic Art by Phil Noto
Star Wars: The High Republic Art by Phil Noto

A brand new Star Wars: High Republic reference book is set to debut in October according to a new Amazon listing. Star Wars: The High Republic: An Illustrated Archive, by Cole Horton will be published by Insight Editions in October. You can check out the details of the book below, although a cover for it has not been released yet.

Set hundreds of years before the Skywalker Saga, this book is the ultimate in-universe guide to the Jedi Knights of Star Wars: The High Republic, providing fascinating insight into a time of valiant heroes, terrifying monsters, and daring exploration. Featuring stunning original illustrations and exclusive new revelations, this striking book is an essential collectible that will transport you to the galaxy’s gilded age.

THE ULTIMATE IN-UNIVERSE JEDI GUIDE: Learn about the Jedi of the High Republic, with detailed profiles of heroes such as Avar Kriss, Bell Zettifar, Stellan Gios, Keeve Trennis, Burryaga, Yoda, and more.

STUNNING ILLUSTRATIONS: Seefan-favorite characters, creatures, vehicles, and locations come to life through amazing illustrations and never-before-seen artwork.

LEARN THE SECRETS OF THE HIGH REPUBLIC: Uncover the mysteries of the Force and learn about the technology of the Jedi Order, including its starfighters and the unique lightsaber designs of this incredible era.

COMPLETE YOUR STAR WARS COLLECTION: This book joins Star Wars: The Lightsaber Collection, Star Wars: The Secrets of the Sith, and Star Wars: The Ultimate Pop-Up Galaxy in Insight Editions’ library of fan-favorite Star Wars titles.

About Star Wars: The High Republic:

Star Wars: The High Republic is a multimedia project consisting of various stories from the Star Wars franchise set during the “High Republic” sub-era of the Age of Republic, roughly 200 years before the Star Wars films and 800 years after the fall of the “Old Republic”.


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