Star Wars: The Rise and Fall of the Galactic Empire, is a new book from DK Publishing that promises to examine the intricacies of Imperial rule. Written by Dr. Chris Kempshall, a historian and co-author of Star Wars: Battles that Changed the Galaxy, it will explore the dark times from stories across mediums, including movies, games, series, books, and comics, with chapters covering every aspect of the Emperor’s regime. The Rise and Fall of the Galactic Empire arrives July 9, and you can get a first look at the cover below.

Star Wars: The Rise and Fall of the Galactic Empire Cover

According to the author, the opportunity to focus on the workaday Empire was just the story he wanted to tell.

“So much of how we think about Star Wars is based around what we see of the rebels. But that leaves a big empty space for the Empire,” Kempshall tells “What was their experience of ruling the galaxy and fighting the war? What would people think about the Empire once it was gone?

“I’ve always found the Empire utterly fascinating both as a fan and then as a historian. Working on Star Wars: Battles that Changed the Galaxy helped me think really long and hard about what in-universe historians might say about the Empire, but it only gave me a taste. I — much like Anakin — wanted more!

“That’s what this book has been for me and Beaumont Kin. The chance to fully and deeply explore the realities of the Empire and to show all of you what it looks like up close. This is my first solo Star Wars book but it’s one I’ve wanted to write for most of my life.”


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