This was supposed to be the game of games released in 2023 for Star Wars fans. For some it has been, for others… Not so much. PC players have experienced many problems from the new release, so much so, that the folks at EA Games issued a statement regarding all the negativity online about this version of the game.

To be fair, I purchased the Playstation 5 version of the game and I haven’t had any problems with it at all (so far). I have been playing since Saturday afternoon and have only experienced one issue- I am not good at it yet. So far the game has been a blast to play, and I see lots of cool new characters and creatures that I hope Hasbro decides to recreate in plastic form.

Hopefully EA Games releases a fix for the issues soon, so that PC players can enjoy this corner of the Star Wars galaxy like the rest of us. Their tweet, seems to indicate that a fix is coming soon!


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