Regal Robot Reveals New Option for their Life-Size Chewbacca Bust


Regal Robot has revealed a brand new option for their life-size Chewbacca bust! The piece costs $4,500 for the standard closed-mouth option, or $5,500 for the new opened-mouth version. Check out all the details below.

Regal Robot™ is proud to present their CUSTOM EDITION life-sized Chewbacca™ busts by their Custom Character Studio. An authentically crafted 1:1 recreation of everyone’s favorite Wookiee™, this bust stands a giant 36″ tall and includes head and shoulders as well as a portion of hand-made and distressed leather and metal bandolier section.

When ordering this custom item, you’ll be given the option of two different static head sculpts – the Standard Bust (with the mouth slightly open) or, at an additional cost, the Roaring Bust (with mouth wide open in a dramatic roar!).

Life-Sized Chewbacca Bust from Regal Robot

The neck on this extra-large bust is poseable, allowing you to tilt his head, lean it front to back and also turn left to right, giving you a variety of display possibilities.

Each bust is produced in their New York studios, with hours of hands-on work by our professional FX artists. The head is hand painted prior to hand-glued FX style hair, applied in small sections at a time, just like Stuart Freeborn did on the original movie masks. Custom acrylic prosthetic eyes and translucent resin teeth with a silicone tongue give this bust added realism and depth.

Like all of their Wookiee creations, this bust was developed with access to an original production-made face skin and teeth castings, along with hands-on examination of the original costume, mask and hair used in the original trilogy films.

  • CHOOSE from two static sculpts – “Standard” or “Roaring” (each sold separately) from the drop-down when ordering
  • 1:1 to the original prop. Includes a stand as shown for a Wookiee-sized height of 36″
  • Officially licensed, includes hand-signed Certificate of Authenticity and elegant metal plaque
  • poseable neck for tilt, turn and lean options
  • custom-made FX grade hair and acrylic eyes
  • hand-crafted and distressed leather and metal bandolier
  • Developed with extensive, first-hand examination of the original costume
  • Hand made by our New York FX team, making each a true work of art
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Special Extended 10-Month Payment Plan available!
  • Made-to-order, usually ships in approximately 12-16 weeks, dependent upon our custom build schedule at time of order and if using the payment plan.

This item is for the dedicated hardcore Star Wars fan. Expect to pay about an extra $150 for shipping this bad boy to your home. Will you be adding him to your collection? Leave your thoughts below!


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