Disney has surprised Star Wars fans with a new line of action figures. The figures were actually created for the now defunct Disney Infinity line. The team behind this took those figures and articulated them to give us something rather excellent!

From what we have heard, this is not just a Star Wars line per se, but a Disney line. This means you can expect to see Marvel and Disney figures alongside Star Wars characters.

The first wave of Star Wars TOYBOX figures will be, 1. Kylo Ren, 2. Rey, 3. First Order Stormtrooper. There is no word on what Marvel or Disney figures will be included.

These new figures will go on sale on November 3rd, and will set you back about $12.95  for each one. You can find them at Disney Stores and ShopDisney.com.

For actual pics of the new figures, check out StarWarsCollector.com.