New Asajj Ventress Legacy Lightsabers Coming to Galaxy’s Edge


If you were bummed out because you missed the boat on snagging the Asajj Ventress Legacy Lightsaber from Galaxy’s Edge, then be bummed no more! In fact, the return of this longed retired lightsaber brings with it a twin for double the fun!

Our friends over at sat down with Cody Hampton, senior manager of merchandising at Disney, to talk about making this must-have set and why Asajj has managed to capture our hearts for all these years.

According to Hampton, the reason for the re-release of these lightsabers is, “We truly love making new Legacy Lightsabers for our guests to enjoy and for them to be able to grow their lightsaber hilt collection. Since Asajj Ventress is such a fan-favorite character, we wanted to find a way to reintroduce these hilts for fans that may have missed out.” Also, it doesn’t help that the hype surrounding the character has risen in recent weeks thanks to her appearance in the trailer for season three of The Bad Batch.

The original hilt was sold as a single hilt, but as we all know, during the Clone Wars, Ventress always wielded two matching hilts and at times connected them to make a double-bladed lightsaber.

What makes this set unique is the wooden packaging that the lightsabers come in, are inspired by the box Count Dooku used to present Ventress with her hilts in 2003’s Star Wars: Clone Wars 2D micro-series.

Hampton also talked about some of the features that come with this set. “I would say the most exciting part of the “Disciple of the Sith” Limited Edition box set (aside from the detailed hilts themselves) is the wooden box and the way it functions. This set was more challenging to create than many of the previous sets. First, taking something only seen in animation to the real world and turning that into a product can be difficult. Next, we wanted this to look and function like we saw in the series, which included four pieces opening from the top to reveal the lightsaber hilts inside. Lastly, we wanted the presentation of the crossed hilts with the dark side red inlay to look like it did on screen.

The Asajj Ventress Limited Edition Legacy Lightsaber Hilt Box Set will be available at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge beginning March 8 and on on March 11.


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