If you are sucker for Black Friday deals (like me) and eagerly anticipate finding some cool Star Wars swag, then you definitely want to hit up your local Hot Topic that day.  On Black Friday you can (most likely) stand in a long line to try and snag a Funko Collector’s Edition BB-8 figure.

The upcoming figure will be painted gold and comes in a cool domed type stand.  From the pictures it looks like this might be metal, but more than likely it is just painted to look that way.

Reports are coming in that he will be in store and online, and may go online on Tuesday of next week at 9pm pst.

Check out the official photo of the figure below!

Collector's Edition BB-8 Figure
Hot Topic Black Friday Collector’s Edition BB-8 Figure

Are you planning on standing in line for this one?  Let us know by posting in the comment section below!