Welcome to Star Wars Art Attack, where we bring you the coolest Star Wars art you can find on the Internet this week!

First up this week is a video.  Artist Marko looks to be a fantastic airbrush artist, and in the following video, creates a nice Star Wars themed tee shirt for his nephew featuring Darth Vader.  The video also serves as a nice tutorial, because you get to see this creation from start to finish.


Next up is one of a few new pieces by artist Jonathan Lam, otherwise known as “Ink Theory”.  The piece below is just a preview of the full size piece which is set to debut soon.  Jonathan has not only created this beautiful piece, but has been busy working on a line of Sith characters including Darth Revan, Darth Nihilus, and Darth Malgus.  You can check out more of his work at the link above.

Ink Theory
Kylo Ren by Jonathan Lam


Up next we have a visually appealing minimalist poster by artist Jacob (J R F).  He has several more located on his DeviantArt account, and in my opinion would make a nice limited edition set of posters.  Very creative, and it looks to have been thought out really well.

Jacob (J R F)
Scout Trooper/AT-ST Minimalist Poster by Jacob (J R F)


Next is a fantastic penciled Darth Vader by artist Alan Fore.  This one was created using Prismacolor on Canson paper.  This is just one of many amazing pieces by Alan.  Whether you are into Star Wars or Batman, this guy looks like he should be in your contact list for artists!

Alan Fore
Darth Vader by Alan Fore


Finally we have Daisy Duck as Captain Phasma by Star Wars artist Tom Hodges.  Hodges usually has some fantastic work, but this one takes the cake with a nice Disney and Star Wars crossover.

Tom Hodges
Daisy Duck as Captain Phasma by Tom Hodges


We hope you have enjoyed this look at Star Wars fan art for the week.  Come back next week for another round of awesome Star Wars art from a galaxy far, far away!