If you are as anxious as we are about Disney’s Star Wars Land, then you are looking for any little bit of information to help build this magical place up in your mind.  The fine folks at Bloomberg have released an article with a few new details about the upcoming area.  So sit back and check out a few new Star Wars Land details that have just been revealed.

The first big detail that Bloomberg dropped is that the entrance to Star Wars Land will be taking a cue from Universal’s Diagon Alley, a ridge will surround and hide Star Wars Land from the rest of Hollywood Studios.  This ensures that fans are not taken out of their immersion into a galaxy far, far away.  There will be two entrances to the area in Orlando, and three in Anaheim.

The first thing you will see as you enter is the marketplace (think Mos Espa as Qui-Gon, Jar Jar, R2, and Anakin are leaving Watto’s Junkyard.)  After walking through this area (which is a real marketplace to buy things), you come up on the corner of the First Order’s spaceport and an ancient forest compound used by the Resistance.

Of course no Star Wars Land can be complete without a population of aliens and droids, which will be milling around everywhere!  There will also be a few familiar Star Wars characters hanging around as well.

There were two rides mentioned in the article, one which is the Millennium Falcon ride (which we already knew about), but the other is some sort of Resistance vs the First Order battle ride.

Food will also be a major attraction in the area.  We know there will be a Cantina, and now we have an idea of what to expect there.  An alien cook a large fish head he will be there.  The character will be an audio-animatronic figure, again adding to the atmosphere and immersion of the place.  This fish-headed alien will perform a special feat when diners request the special.

Check out the complete article at Bloomberg for even more details concerning what is soon to be, your favorite place in the world!