The Star Wars Battlefront beta has been out for a few days now (and will be out until October 13), and new videos have been popping up on Youtube daily from the game.  Gamers have been posting gameplay footage from their adventures in the game, and some have been awesomely funny.  Check out the top videos from around the Internet below!

WARNING!  The language in some of these videos could be more “adult” than we usually like to use here.

Luke Skywalker is the hero of the Rebellion.  He is the last Jedi and might be the most powerful of the Jedi.  However, even Luke Skywalker has his limitations as seen in the Star Wars Battlefront beta gameplay footage below…  Credit goes to Zephs for this one.


Then there was the time Luke Skywalker got teabagged by an entire squad of Imperial Snowtroopers!  I kind of feel sorry for poor Luke Skywalker in this video, but it is still funny.  Credit goes to youtuber DeeboDB for this one.

In Star Wars Battlefront, pods are dropped that are rally points that you must control to win, sort of like a “king of the hill” type of thing.  Unfortunately for youtuber realmadrid1417, they learned the hard way that you should always wait for the pod to hit the ground before trying to defend it from those that want what you have.


Next we have a look at a Stormtrooper that is very reminiscent of the original trilogy of films.  Xerator has found out the “easy” way that Stormtroopers in the game, might not be the most accurate shooters that you will face.


Then there are those moments in which you find a hero pickup, enable it, and while waiting, get sniped.  Credit goes to youtuber DRL93 for this one.


These dang hero pickups seem to be a bit of an issue for some players.  I mean after all, you find a Luke Skywalker hero pickup and you expect to be playing the rest of the game as Luke Skywalker.  As JakeHDG can attest to, getting the hero pickup doesn’t guarantee an awesome experience with a hero character.  WARNING – lots of bad language in the video below.


Finally there is that time when you are feeling on top of the world.  You are destroying the Imperial attack force that is invading Hoth single-handedly.  The only problem is that you don’t realize that AT-ST walking up beside you, as Evan James Lee unfortunately found out.


Seriously, Star Wars Battlefront looks like a very cool game even in this beta stage.  We can’t wait to get our hands on it!