Last week I told you all about a super secret new Star Wars themed arcade machine coming from Bandai Namco.  Now thanks to a few lucky twitter and youtube users, this new machine has been revealed!  First up is a tweet from @BlueJaigEyes giving us our first look at the new machine – Star Wars: Battle Pod!

Then thanks to youtube user The Wookiee Gunner, we have a first look at the game itself in video format!

Star Wars: Battle Pod, is a dome screen arcade system designed to offer gamers an experience they can “only dream of.” It’s a game, according to the company, that you don’t just play, you experience.

The Battle Pod is a single seat Star Wars vehicle combat sim that uses a curved screen to drop players into the game, and the movies. Players sit inside the pod, using a flight stick and throttle to fly and fight their way through the Star Wars franchise.

The domed screen works in conjunction with a seat that reacts to explosions, special fans that blow air, vibrating controllers and 5.1 sound. The vibration, air gusts and sound turn the game into an incredible Star Wars “toy,” they said.

Source: Polygon