A new Galactic War Tournament has just started for Star Wars: Commander!  The tournament lasts three days and has the usual winnings.  Don’t miss out on this one so that you can build up your armies to fight for the glorious Empire… errr… or those silly Rebels.

Star Wars: Commander
  • Carbonite League – 500 Event Points – Attack Any Player
  • Durasteel League – 1500 Event Points – Top 70% Ranking
  • Bronzium League – 5500 Event Points – Top 20% Ranking
  • Obsidian League – 8500 Event Points – Top 7% Ranking
  • Ultra Chrome League – 11000 Event Points – Top 2% Ranking

Rewards that can be purchased with event points include Shock Trooper upgrade, MTV-7 upgrade, TIE Advanced upgrade, VT-49 upgrade, and the usual packs of credits and alloys.

Charge into battle and lead your troops to victory in Star Wars: Commander, an action-packed, combat strategy mobile game! Build your base, recruit and train an unstoppable force, and challenge players across the Star Wars universe! In the midst of the Galactic Civil War, competing forces need allies for their cause. The Rebellion rallies for justice and freedom, while the Empire seeks control of the galaxy. As an unaligned mercenary returning to Tatooine, a pivotal decision must be made: will you side with the Empire’s strength and technological might, or the Rebellion’s heroism and resourcefulness? The choice is yours as you rise through the ranks as a powerful battlefield commander in this exciting game of strategy and competitive galactic combat!

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