Avid fans of Star Wars Battlefront will probably know that more information about the latest game, Star Wars Battlefront 2, will be unveiled at Gamescom, an upcoming game expo that will run from August 22-26. However, just recently EA announced some more of the game’s schedule for the event.

In addition to a new trailer, the coverage – which EA says will focus on starfighter gameplay – will also feature a demo that will be livestreamed on August 21st at 5.30PM BST (12.30PM EST). Participants in the livestream will be playing the upcoming multistage gamemode “Starfighter Assault” set in the original trilogy on the map “Fondor: Imperial Shipyard”, showcasing fighters, bombers and ships specific to heroes.

If any of the gameplay interests you then don’t worry: you’ll soon have the opportunity to play it. The demo for the game begins in October and the gamemode and map debuting in the livestream will be playable alongside the “Assault on Theed” map that’s already been shown. Both of these will feature starfighter combat, but the latter will also feature the boots on the ground combat that the series focuses on. EA is promising better starfighter combat than the game’s predecessor with superior controls, deeper customization and a new class based system to create role based team play. From what I played in the closed alpha this looks to be the case, at least before my V-Wing collided with the top of a tower because I wasn’t paying attention.

About Star Wars Battlefront 2:

Star Wars Battlefront focuses on the fast frenetic battles that you love in the star wars saga. Fight dozens of troopers alongside memorable heroes like Darth Vader each with unique skills and attributes. Chances are you’ve already played the first one and Battlefront 2 promises to deliver where it fell short. You want a story mode? You want clone troopers? You want deeper gameplay? The team at DICE seems to be trying to please the fans with this one (unless you wanted those fun 32v32 battles from the originals).