The Force Awakens™ Core Set for X-Wing is your gateway to the thrilling clashes between forces of the Resistance and the First Order!

With three miniature painted starfighters from The Force Awakens, the Core Set transports you and your opponent to a time long, long ago and a galaxy far, far away. There, you’ll be able to enjoy fast-paced space battles, full of high-speed maneuvers, laser fire, explosions, and maybe even a touch of desperation.

In The Force Awakens Core Set, the Resistance enters these X-Wing battles outnumbered two-to-one. There are two miniature First Order TIE fighters, but the Resistance gains just a single X-wing. This means that when you play as the Resistance player, you start in a tough position – outnumbered and outgunned. Accordingly, if you hope to emerge victorious, you’ll need to steady your nerves and get the absolute most out of your ship, the T-70 X-wing.


Fantasy Flight Games
The Force Awakens Core Set comes with three miniature starfighters – one Resistance T-70 X-wing and two First Order TIE fighters, all carefully sculpted and detailed at 1/270 scale.


The Resistance T-70 X-wing

The Force Awakens Core Set for X-Wing brings the Resistance’s T-70 X-wing to life as a highly versatile starfighter with three attack, two agility, three hull, and three shields. This gives it both significant punch and staying power, both of which the Resistance’s pilots can enhance by taking advantage of the X-wing’s tech and Astromech droid upgrade slots.

Fantasy Flight Games
The T-70 X-wings can equip upgrades for a torpedoes, an Astromech droid, and tech.
  • Tech upgrades like the Weapons Guidance system utilize newly developed technologies to help pilots maximize their efficiency in combat.
  • Astromech droids like R5-X3 or BB-8 can help pilots push their ships to the absolute limit, helping them find a flight path through extremely tight spaces or better react to enemy fighters.

Finally, the T-70 model benefits from modernized thrusters that increase its maneuverability in both space and atmospheric flight. In X-Wing, this increased maneuverability is translated in two ways – through the addition of the boost action and through the fact that the ship’s maneuver dial features two, difficult speed “3” Tallon Roll maneuvers.

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