Greetings fellow Padawans, Sith Lords, Bounty Hunters, Jedi Knights and of course not forgetting you slimy, double-crossing, no-good swindlers. It has been a while since I delved into my brain to bring you some random Star Wars ramblings, dang life getting in the way unfortunately but, I’m back Jack.  This time around I want to discuss some of the more not so obvious reasons as to why the Galactic Empire went from ruling the galaxy to begging for scraps in the Outer Rim.  There was a bit more to it than just the sacrifice of the brave men and woman of the Rebel Alliance. It’s always fun to analyze the downfall of a tyrannical government right?  One quick note, these are not in any sort of order, just four other reasons as to why the Emperor’s dream of a united and oppressed galaxy failed. So, without further ado, let’s jump straight into our list of reasons why the Empire fell.

4. Governor Tarkin

Why the Empire Fell
Tarkin’s petty feud with Director Krennic cost the Empire dearly

There is no disputing Wilhuff Tarkin’s ability as a military tactician and leader. He was not a high ranking official in the Empire due to his magnetizing personality and killer smile.  No, Governor Tarkin had a flaw that even his great self could not overcome and, it is something we all suffer with, he was only human. Tarkin was susceptible to typical human flaws just like the rest of us, and unfortunately for the Galactic Empire, his petty feud with Director Krennic was a substantially significant factor to the fall of the Empire.

On Scarif, Jyn Erso channeled her inner James Bond villain and told Krennic everything, she obviously thought that Krennic wouldn’t be alive to tell anyone her plan, but what if he was? What if after Cassian shot the dear Director, instead of ordering the destruction of the Scarif facility, Tarkin had Krennic rescued… ”Hey Wilhuff thank you so much for saving my butt back there, oh by the way, you know this indestructible death sphere we have sat on? Yeah turns out it can actually be destroyed quite easily so we may want to look into that”.

If Tarkin had put his petty rivalry aside then Krennic would have been able to inform him about this weakness planted by it’s designer, Galen Erso. So, when the Rebels launched their attack as the Death Star approached the base at Yavin 4 there would be no huge explosion in space, just an explosion on the surface as the Death Star destroyed the home of the Rebel Alliance.