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Rolling out the holiday cheer, just like he rolled into the hearts of millions of adoring Star Wars fans, BB-8 is here! The latest piece in our long running holiday collection, these seasonal selections have become an eagerly anticipated tradition for fans and collectors of Star Wars and Gentle Giant Ltd.

Caught up in the Holiday spirit, AND a working string of lights, it’s hard not to smile when you see this genuinely cute sphere of cheer. BB-8 is easily one of the most memorable characters from JJ Abrams new Star Wars vision, The Force Awakens.

Built from original film models and 3D data, BB-8’s revolutionary design and quirky childlike presence have been captured in this high quality, hand painted bust that is sure to brighten up your Star Wars collection, not just for the holidays, but all year long!

Inspired by art from Lucasfilm’s 2015 Holiday greeting card, this BB-8 Mini Bust features permanently attached, long lasting colored LED lights. Each limited edition piece is numbered with a matching certificate to ensure authenticity. Made exclusively for Gentle Giant’s collector club, the Premier Guild (PG members), BB-8 is expected to sell out quickly. One of our favorites, BB-8 will make an excellent addition to your Star Wars collection or as a special gift this holiday season!

Remember you have to be a member of the Premier Guild to get one.  If you are, you can order today at Gentle Giant’s website!