The Smuggler’s Bounty Star Wars Sith box has officially closed, and you can expect them to start showing up on doorsteps soon.  Since that box has officially closed, it is time for Funko to announce their next box.  The new box is sure to be a favorite of fans of Return of the Jedi. Get ready to welcome the Smuggler’s Bounty Endor box.

Since this is the initial advertisement for the box, not much is known about it. With the focus being Endor we can probably guess that we will get some Ewok merchandise, maybe some Endor Rebels merchandise, and more. With the addition of the Walmart Ewok 3-pack, Funko now has Wicket, Logray, Chief Chripa, and Teebo in POP form. What other Ewoks might we see?

Check out the first advert for the box today.

Smuggler's Bounty Endor Box
Smuggler’s Bounty Endor Box

Each box costs just $25. With that $25, you get $50 in value of exclusive, high-quality collectible products including but not limited to apparel, accessories, toys and memorabilia. No fluff, no filler!  You can pre-order your box at!