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OuterRimNews.com was founded in June of 2015 by Austin Gordy, Butler Raines, and Ashley Wilbanks. The site started out mainly as a Facebook page where we gathered Star Wars news for readers, but quickly turned into something larger.  Soon after getting to 1,000 Facebook page likes in less than a week, we opened up our own site for readers to come to.

Not long after the creation of the site, came the Outer Rim News Podcast hosted by Austin and Ashley.

The goal of Outer Rim News is to provide our readers with the most up-to-date Star Wars news around, so that when the news breaks, you can read about it here, and be in the know.

A Star Wars fan since 1978, he has a passion for all things Star Wars and wonders why May the 4th is not a national holiday. He lives in the wastelands of middle Georgia with his wife, two girls, and two dogs.

A lifelong Star Wars fanatic and movie buff, Austin hails from Savannah GA and is the co-host of the Outer Rim News Podcast. Renewed with fresh energy after Disney's takeover of the Lucasfilm brand, Austin (im)patiently waits for all the new Star Wars releases that are sure to keep the fandom alive and well for generations to come.

Mike Smith is a 38 year old freelance writer from South Carolina. He spends his time customizing Star Wars toys, reading and writing science fiction, and spending time outdoors.

Some people like Star Wars and some people really like Star Wars. There are occasions though when the Galaxy Far, Far Away consumes your very existence, and this is very much me. I have loved Star Wars for over 20 years, it was and always will be my biggest passion.

An avid Star Wars fan, Sean is an emerging science fiction and speculative fiction writer originally from Fairfax, Virginia. He currently lives in the Australian Outback with his wife and two dogs.

I'm a writer, blogger, podcaster and psychological researcher that runs and works for several sites including Outerrimnews, thenerfheardersherald.net and spotofthought.com, as well as a massive Star Wars fan.

First seeing the original star wars film on dvd when he was only a few years old, his interest in the films all about a galaxy far, far away was rekindled with Disney’s acquisition of the franchise. Since then he's rewatched all of the films and alongside his anticipation for the next new installment in the saga, he has also developed a newfound hatred for Jar Jar Binks.

Walker is an Atlanta-based writer, proud Earther, and Star Wars fan. Find him at twitter.com/walkermcknight

Fashion blogger, eternal dreamer, go-getter and all around free spirit. Loves street style, thrift store finds and house music all night long.

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