New SK-260 Droid Available at Disney’s Star Wars Hotel


Our friends over at allearsnet have posted a fantastic article featuring all of the cool exclusive merchandise that can purchased when you book a stay at the Star Wars Hotel adventure. It seems those who fork out the cash to stay at the hotel and experience the immersive Star Wars adventure will be privy to some exclusive swag. Like everything at Disney, you will pay a premium for it.

What caught our attention the most was the Droid Factory SK-620 R2 unit figure. If this is exclusive to the shop at the hotel, then expect to pay ridiculous 3rd party prices for this guy.

SK-620 Figure Image Courtesy of

You really need to check out their article to see all the cool merchandise for sale at the hotel. Everything from clothing and jewelry, to toys and more! I could see myself overspending there very easily.

Will you be taking the voyage to a galaxy far, far away? Leave your thoughts in the appropriate places below!


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