4 Reasons Why the Empire Fell


3. Poorly trained Officers 

Why the Empire Fell
Only a handful of Imperial Officers seemed to be actually up to the task of commanding.

Imperial Officers, let’s be honest, shouldn’t be in command of an Imperial canteen, let alone Star Destroyers and such. The Empire seemingly went for the “more is stronger than the well-trained” route when recruiting the Officers of the Imperial Navy. Now, they’re of course exceptions with Grand Admiral Thrawn and Grand Moff Tarkin being the main examples, but that really is as good as it gets. Admiral Piett tried his best bless him, but it was completely obvious he was out of his depth, and was only where he was because Vader had killed his previous superior.

Far too many Imperial Officers were in a position of authority that they should have been nowhere near, Admiral Kassius Konstantine is a prime example of this. He bumbled his way through every assignment given to him, and his impatient buffoonery nearly cost the Empire during the siege of Chopper base. How many times have we heard during Star Wars Rebels or in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story when the Rebel Alliance appeared out of nowhere, an officer panic and beg for a superior. Surely these officers should have been adequately trained on how to deal with surprise attacks rather than just crying for someone else to deal with it.