Ahsoka the Novel – Is it Worth the Read?

Ahsoka Novel
Ahsoka Novel

Throughout the Star Wars universe, there are many and varied stories, but none so captivating as those surrounding the Force, and it’s most renown followers, the Jedi Knights.

Ahsoka Novel
Ahsoka Novel

The history of the Jedi is repleat with tales of selfless acts of heroism by countless adherents of the order, for over a thousand generations. Many of the Jedi who wrought these acts remain unnamed, and unknown, lost to time. Others, however, have their names in history.

One such Jedi is the focus of E.K. Johnston’s latest best seller, Ahsoka. A young female Tagruta, Ahsoka brings to light the hidden life of this Padawan learner, as she flees into seclusion from the rising Galactic Empire.

The story begins shortly after order 66 was initiated, where most of the Jedi were wiped out. It details the life of Ahsoka between the Jedi purge, and the events we see in Star Wars Rebels. Essentially Ahsoka is trying to find her place in a colder, darker, galaxy, with the Force out of balance, and Ahsoka on the run.

Johnston takes the reader on a journey inside the heart and mind of the young Jedi, who struggles with mixed emotions about who she is, and what she has experienced.

Central to the story is Ahsoka’s decision to walk away from the Jedi order, as well as her relationship with her former master, Anakin Skywalker. The author uses these events as a backdrop that serves as an influence on the choices that Ahsoka must make in her current situation.

We are taken along with Ahsoka on a journey across the galaxy, spanning several moons and planets, and revolving around the Empire’s need for a solution, and a showdown with a new enemy that Ahsoka has never encountered before.

The story is well written, with good symmetry throughout the story. Interspaced throughout are several, more personal segments, which provide the reader with greater insight into certain characters and events that are important to the core story arc.

I have to say the book is a really great read, and the narrative moves along at a nice, steady pace. I like a story where the author has a well thought out plot, and effortlessly keeps your attention, and Ahsoka has all of these elements, and more.

I have to say, that Ahsoka is the best novelization that I’ve read to date within the new canon, and I’m looking forward to what Johnston, and others, may bring us in the future. It’s a great read, and one that is essential for any Star Wars fan.

It’s available now in hardback format from Lucasfilm press (via Amazon), but if reading isn’t your thing, then you have an opportunity to buy the audio book , which is narrated by none other than Ashley Eckstein, the voice actress who portrays Ahsoka in Star Wars Rebels.