Target Exclusive Cassian Andor Nerf Blaster Review


I have always been fascinated by the weapons of Star Wars, particularly the small arms used by the Rebel Alliance. So when I first saw a set of still images from the set of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, I was intrigued by the new weapons that were on set.

One of the unique features of the weapons is that they are modular, in that they are designed as a base weapon, such as Cassian Andor’s blaster pistol. By itself, it is small however, once combined with the forward assembly and stock, it becomes a powerful carbine, able to engage targets at greater distances.

Target Exclusive Cassian Andor Nerf Blaster Review

It is from this weapon that we have the latest Star Wars Nerf gun, the Target exclusive Captain Cassian Andor blaster rifle. Packaged in an open display box, this blaster grabs your attention and won’t let go. The box itself is designed to display all of the included accessories that are exclusive to this set.

The main component is the blaster carbine itself. Identical to the Jyn Erso blaster, it is nineteen inches in length, and features a blue and orange deco, with a gray forward grip. The forward grip also houses the battery compartment, and requires four double “A” batteries, which are included.

Target Exclusive Cassian Andor Nerf Blaster Review
Target Exclusive Cassian Andor Nerf Blaster Review

The pistol grip features a small pre-trigger just under the trigger guard, which activates the flywheels. A blue light on the left side of the receiver lights up to let you know that the motors are spun up, and will cause the glow strike darts to actually glow when fired, which really cool in the dark. The motors are slightly loud, so forget a sneak attack with this gun.

Depressing the primary trigger will fire one dart at a time, and eighteen of the Nerf glow strike darts are included. Twelve of them will load into the box magazine. I will say that the top two darts do have a tendency to pop out of the magazine, and this is due in part to the spring in the magazine not being broken in, as well as the design of the feed lips.

On top of the upper receiver of the carbine is an unjamming port with a snap down cover, allowing access to the breech to clear any jams. The cover must be closed in order for the gun to fire. Depressing the primary trigger also activates the light and sound effects, which are really awesome. The upper receiver has transparent ports on both sides and the top, which light up in sequence each time the trigger is pulled.

As awesome as this is, it gets even better. Included is a four position raider stock, that attaches to the rear of the upper receiver. There’s also a targeting scope, which has molded plastic cross hairs inside, and it locks securely on the top rail. Finally, there’s a mock barrel extension/ suppressor that locks onto the muzzle.

With the weapon fully assembled, and the stock collapsed, the gun measures thirty one inches in length, and thirty four and a half inches with the stock fully extended. I was really surprised by the fact that this is nearly a 1:1 scale replica of an M4, albeit highly modified and with greeblies molded on.

I don’t think that Hasbro has ever released a Star Wars Nerf gun as nice as this one, and it’s certain to be sought after by collectors in the months and years to come. The retail price is $69.99 USD at Target, and with the in-store coupon, you can take one home for $59.99.

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Check out the video review below for a detailed look at the weapon!