Disney Elite Series Premium Rey Review

Disney Elite Series Premium Rey
Disney Elite Series Premium Rey

There are many characters within the Star Wars saga, but none that are so profound as Rey. Introduced in Episode VII, The Force Awakens, we meet a young girl, deserted on a desert planet, who, through a series of circumstances, awakens her abilities with the Force, and so a new story begins.

With the introduction of Rey, we have been given a new hero to admire, as well as new collectibles to aquire; but which one? That’s the question that I found myself asking as I searched for hours, and even days online. I initially settled for the 3.75 Resistance Rey figure, however it still left me longing for something more. Something unique.

Disney Elite Series Premium Rey Review

I found what I wanted, In Disney’s new Premium line, which was released on November 29, 2016, and are a part of their Elite Series figures assortment. Unlike the Elite figures, which are six inches tall, and made of die-cast metal, the new Premium figures are made of plastic, and stand ten inches tall, boasting thirty points of articulation.

I will say that seeing a photo or video of these figures really doesn’t do them justice; you really have to see them in person to appreciate just how nice they really are. I’ll begin with the packaging, by saying it is hands down the best that I have ever seen of any Star Wars collectible to date.

The display box is done in a slate gray, with a red trim, and red cardboard insert. In comparison, the Elite Series box has a blue trim and color scheme to it. Inside, the figure is displayed in a molded plastic insert with Luke’s lightsaber, as well as a plastic backpack, NN-14 blaster, her iconic staff, and an extra set of interchangeable hands.

I will tell you that the figure has almost as many wire ties and plastic retainers, as it does points of articulation. You’ll need to be cautious in removing these, as it would be very easy to cut the outfit, or scratch the plastic with a knife. There’s even a plastic tie in her hair, which is very difficult to remove. The positive side to all the straps is that the figure is well protected inside the box.

Once removed, you immediately see that there is a great deal of detail on the sculpt, as well as the accessories, and the outfit, which itself is made from a very soft cloth material. The head sculpt is very proportionate, with realistic fabric hair, including the triple buns. The eyes are symmetrical, and the lips have been painted with a nice glossy sheen. The skin tone is also recreated with nice paint applications.

The head and neck are mounted on a ball joint, which provides a full range of motion. The shoulders are double jointed, as are the elbows and wrists. The arms are covered in a cloth wrap as well. The upper Torso has both swivel and off-axis rotation, while the lower waist also can swivel. The legs feature double joints at the thighs and knees, while the ankles are on a ball joint. The toes are also articulated, which aids in posing the figure outside of the box.

The joints are nice and tight, and Rey is very well balanced, and easily displayed, although I would highly recommend a stand of some sort if you plan on displaying her outside of the box. The cloth tunic and trousers both have a velcro closure on the back, and can be removed. The tabards are held in place by a soft plastic accessory belt, which attaches with a tab on the side. The boots are molded as part of the feet, and are not removable.

The included accessories are all nicely detailed, especially the lightsaber. The included extra set of hands features a more closed grip, which are better suited for display with the lightsaber. I have to say that I am very impressed with the overall level of detail and quality of this figure in particular, and those in the line to date.

I would even go so far as to recommend the Disney Premium Series to a collector, over more expansive choices, such as Hot Toys or Sideshow Collectibles. In conclusion, if you are searching for a high quality collectible figure, at a reasonable cost, then the Disney Elite Series Premium figures are the way to go.